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Environmental & CBRN Services

SRC specializes in environmental chemistry, toxicology and risk assessment to analyze chemicals and their behaviors in the environment and determine their potential health and environmental effects.

SRC's Environmental Health Analysis (EHA) business unit is staffed with over 65 experienced scientists (predominately Ph.D. toxicologists and chemists) that support programs in the areas of risk assessment, toxicology, environmental chemistry and scientific resources. EHA has been providing scientific services for customers such as the EPA, CDC, and NLM for over 55 years by performing chemical risk assessments and environmental fate determinations as well as building software and tools used to derive toxicological endpoint values and physicochemical properties estimates for assessment of exposure potential.

One prominent tool developed by SRC is EPISuite™ a quantitative structure activity relationship (QSAR) software application that is widely used to predict a chemical’s physicochemical properties, environmental fate, and ecological impacts based on chemical structure. In the environmental domain, SRC has authored hundreds of toxicological profiles for CDC, thousands of chemical fate and exposure assessments for the EPA, and developed numerous tools that have provided our customers the actionable information to make regulatory, policy and cleanup decisions.

SRC also provides technical services to combat CBRN threats — protecting our warfighters with operational models, databases and risk assessment tools. Our combined staff has a deep understanding of CBRN behavior in the environment, strong software engineering/information technology capabilities and a great appreciation for our customers’ needs.

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