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Environmental & CBRN Services


SRC performs toxicity assessments that are used to develop national exposure guidelines for human health risk assessments and emergency response planning. These comprehensive assessments identify critical health effects and toxic modes of action and establish dose-response relationships. We develop and apply predictive physiologically-based PBPK and PBPD models to extrapolate dose-response relationships across animal species. Human population models that incorporate pharmacokinetics and toxicodynamics variability and uncertainty are constructed using Monte Carlo and Bayesian Markov Chain Monte Carlo analysis.

Toxicology Assessments and Dose-Response Analysis

SRC has analyzed hundreds of chemicals to support the development of various national exposure guidelines, including ATSDR oral, inhalation, & dermal Minimal Risk Levels; EPA oral reference doses & inhalation reference concentrations; EPA Cancer Potency Values; EPA Drinking Water Criteria; NAS acute exposure guidelines; & OSHA Permissible Exposure Levels

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