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EW Intel Production & Reprogramming

EWIRDB Development & Training

For more than 40 years, SRC’s engineers and analysts have provided practical and operational support for the Electronic Warfare Integrated Reprogramming Database, including data mining, intelligence analysis, operational and technical support, and training.

SRC is proud to have helped the U.S. government develop the legacy EWIRDB, which to
this day is the industry’s standard source of parametric data for radars and other
non-communications emitters. Produced by the intelligence community, the legacy EWIRDB supports all traditional U.S. radar warning receiver and jammer systems, and is the primary source of radar information for the DoD.

We are also involved in the development of the current generation EWIRDB, which provides today’s warfighters with new ways of thinking and new tools to combat unexpected threats.

SRC’s EW engineers and analysts perform:

  • Initial collection and analysis of all-source intelligence and electronic intelligence
  • Production of EWIRDB files
  • Rapid reprogramming of systems through the development of mission data sets
  • Production of the threat data source for mission planning tools

EWIRDB Training

For three decades, SRC has been the premier provider of EWIRDB training to the EWIR community. As the DoD transitions to the current generation EWIRDB, SRC will provide the critical instruction needed on this new and powerful database.

The EWIRDB will continue to be the definitive source of modeling and parametric data for EW systems for the foreseeable future. Let us help you become part of the emerging cadre of EWIRDB experts.

We don't just teach it. We live it.

SRC engineers have been a part of the EWIRDB team since its inception. As the model evolves to meet changing requirements, SRC engineers remain at the heart of this team, and form the core of our instructor base. They will guide you through the tools you will use every day in your job, as well as helping you to find, read, and interpret the complex data represented in the next generation radar model.

An advantage of the SRC approach is that each student is furnished with their own computer, so you can “click along with the instructor” and actually use the data while navigating around the tools, rather than just being exposed to the tools through straight lecture.

Another advantage is that the class size is kept small, allowing for more individualized attention. This allows the students to experiment and find their way around while keeping the overall class moving forward.

Courses Offered

Click the button to the right to submit a request for more information on registering for any of the courses listed below.

Who Should Come?

Analysts and engineers who work extensively with the data in the EWIRDB, managers, and others who need a basic understanding of how the EWIRDB works. Developers who will be writing tools to access the next generation of EWIRDB data will find the extra two days of data structure and API information useful.

Whether you're a novice or an expert seeking specific skills, we have a course to fulfill your goals. New, up-to-date information and topics are presented in every course.

Prerequisites and Security Arrangements

A secret collateral level clearance is required. Clearance level and need-to-know must be confirmed for students attending the EWIRDB User's course. Please follow your local security procedures for TDY or visit request/notification. Your agency's security office can help with the necessary procedure. We must receive notification that you are cleared to take the course, no later than 10 working days before the course convenes. The database used in this course is sponsored for security purposes by the Defense Intelligence Agency. Remember, you must be a U.S. citizen to attend these courses.



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