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Multi-Mission EW Systems

Silent Cyclone® Dismount EW System

SRC Prototype Technology

SRC's Silent Cyclone® electronic warfare (EW) system gives the dismounted warfighter flexible and powerful counter-UAS capabilities to defeat groups 1 and 2 UAS.

The system can engage with hostile UAS beyond visual line of sight using multiple EW and navigation warfare (NAVWAR) techniques. A single system provides protection to several warfighters, ensuring continuous protection during dismount and stealth missions.

The Silent Cyclone system can be activated and deactivated manually with a locking toggle switch, allowing the operator to decide when to emit and for how long. The system provides two power modes so the operator can tune their EW footprint and avoid detection.

  • Provides protection bubble around multiple warfighters
  • Currently defeats groups 1-2 UAS (additional capabilities in development)
  • 8 hours of continuous operation
  • Multiple configurations
  • Man-portable and vehicle mountable

Modular Design

The Silent Cyclone system uses a modular design architecture for maximum flexibility, repairability and upgradability. The system leverages SRC's rugged micro-transceiver, a flexible software defined radio, and versatile software frameworks that allow for rapid development and deployment of future mission capabilities. The system integrates into a common backpack platform and is designed for transportability and maximum soldier maneuverability.

Silent Cyclone® Dismount EW System

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Silent Cyclone

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