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STELR Engineering Leadership Program

The Science, Technology and Engineering Leadership Rotation (STELR) program provides ambitious STEM graduates with experiences to illuminate their career path toward leading the innovations of the future.

The three-year program aims to build technical breadth, develop deep professional networks, and emphasize the critical leadership skills needed to make great ideas flourish.

What is involved in STELR?

Experience – “On-the-Job” Training
  • Four to five job rotations spanning business areas, product types, engineering disciplines, and/or office locations
  • Opportunities to participate in smaller side projects aimed at fostering an innovative spirit
Exposure – “People”
  • Individual mentoring with SRC senior technical leadership
  • Increased availability of networking opportunities with senior level employees including many STELR alumni
Education – “Formal Classroom”
  • In house technical courses on SRC core disciplines such as radar fundamentals, applying digital signal processing concepts, and wireless communication fundamentals.
  • Non-technical (soft-skills) courses on topics such as presentation development and delivery, team building, conflict resolution, and project leadership.

While participating in the program, STELR team members are encouraged to pursue an advanced degree through our tuition support program. 


STELR Opportunities