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Redefining Possible® for the U.S. Navy & Marine Corps

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Redefining Possible® for the Future of the U.S. Navy

SRC is supporting the U.S. Navy with technologies to communicate, sense, analyze and decide – giving warfighters the edge they need to overmatch and overwhelm any adversary.

In today’s spectrum contested battlefield, it is imperative that warfighters have the technology they need to operate, communicate and maneuver against peer and near-peer adversaries. SRC is developing advanced, rapidly deployable and re-deployable systems to help warfighters manage their electromagnetic (EM) signature, while still collecting actionable intel and shaping the battlefield to help achieve mission success.

Our distributed sensors, multi-function EW systems, scalable radars and extremely low-power smart processing systems are augmenting situational awareness, enabling manned/unmanned teaming scenarios and protecting warfighters in a distributed maritime environment.

We apply decades of expertise in electronic warfare integrated reprogramming (EWIR) and spectrum operations to deliver critical data analysis and EW techniques to help protect warfighters and gain insight into adversary capabilities.

SRC is redefining possible for the Navy – enabling distributed maritime operations by developing advanced CEMA capabilities and providing reliable intel to make mission critical decisons and ensure mission success.

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Redefining Possible® for the Future of the U.S. Marine Corps

SRC supports the Marine Corps with critical technologies enabling discrete ISR collection, advanced data processing and analysis, radar systems and on-the-move EW to give warfighters the edge in contested environments. Our technologies are helping to augment the capabilities of the integrated naval force, bringing on-the-move counter-UAS and EW technology to next-gen ground and airborne vehicle platforms. These systems are helping to enable expeditionary advanced base operations (EABO) while helping to protect warfighters from evolving threats in any environment.

Through advanced application of machine learning and artificial intelligence, extremely low-SWaP hardware, distributed sensors, and advanced cyber, electromagnetic attack (CEMA) capabilities, SRC is helping warfighters open critical windows of maneuver and opportunity to overmatch and overwhelm adversaries.

SRC is redefining possible to make sure those who are “first to fight” have the technology they need to succeed.

Seal of the United States Marine Corps
Enabling manned/unmanned teaming solutions to support distributed maritime operations.

Near-Peer ISR Capabilities

SRC is developing extremely low-size weight and power (SWaP) systems capable of leveraging machine learning and artificial intelligence to detect and classify threats in near-real time. These systems are enabling real-time processing at-the-edge, and their low SWaP means that “edge” can be almost anywhere — on small drones, USVs, UUVs and other emerging platforms.

SRC has consistently leveraged decades of EW and RF expertise to develop networkable small form-factor unattended systems capable of capturing ISR data while delivering electronic warfare (EW) and cyber effects. The systems emit decoy signatures, mimic blue and red force comms, and deliver cyber, electromagnetic attack (CEMA) payloads to confuse, disrupt, deny and degrade enemy capabilities and situational awareness.

High Roller Multi-INT Sensor Payload

High Performance Embedded Computing for Unmanned Systems

Silent Impact™ Munition Launched EW System

Silent Swarm™ Unattended EW System

Live, Virtual & Constructive Simulation

EW Intel Production & Reprogramming

Ghost Mantis® Multi-Function RF System

Multi-Domain Real-Time Operational Threat Emulation

SRC’s Ghost Mantis™ technology is an advanced EW technology suite enabling threat emulation, identification and electronic attack onboard manned and unmanned platforms. The Ghost Mantis technology brings this industry leading EW capability suite to UUVs, USVs and other manned sea-based platforms. This combination of phased array antenna technology, small form-factor low-SWaP hardware and advanced software will help protect warfighters in spectrum denied environments, while opening up opportunities for advanced distributed maritime operations in manned/unmanned teaming scenarios.

SRC’s next-generation EWIR solutions and decades of expertise are supporting live, virtual and constructive simulation capabilities for the test and evaluation (T&E) and training communities, while also being operationalized to protect warfighters and ensure electromagnetic spectrum superiority for mission success.

Next-Gen EW & Counter-UxS

SRC’s Silent Archer™ counter-UAS technology was selected by the Joint Counter-UAS Office (JCO) as part of the solution of choice to address UAS threats. We’re building on that technology to bring on the-move counter-UxS and EW technology to the warfighter.

Our technology leverages SRC’s scalable x-band radar solutions, direction finding technology and electronic attack capabilities to surgically defeat hostile UAS and other unmanned threats while leaving neutral and friendly systems unharmed.

Silent Archer® Counter-UAS Technology

Silent Cyclone™ Dismount EW System

Steerable Electronic Attack Phased Array (SEAPA)

Precision Fire Control Radar

Gryphon Family of Radars

Unique Solutions to Complex Radar Challenges

SRC’s decades of radar experience are helping to lead the future of radar development, supporting soldiers with longer-range, lower-power, scalable systems capable of detecting and tracking UAS, rocket, artillery and mortar (RAM) threats, as well as larger aircraft. SRC’s advanced precision radar systems can direct fire and ensure target neutralization, while our on-the-move systems make counter-UAS protection truly mobile.

We have developed numerous, specialized X-band radar solutions and, with over 60 years of radar expertise, from passive, bi-static radar technology to adaptable multi-mission and on-the-move scalable sensors, SRC is equipped and ready to handle the Navy’s toughest next-gen radar challenges.