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EW Spectrum Operations

Counter-ISR Systems

SRC has applied its extensive background in EW, ISR, and passive radar technology to develop technologies that can detect adversary ISR collection patterns and behaviors.

The rapid technology evolution, flexibility, and affordability of small ground moving target indicating (GMTI) radar and synthetic aperture radar (SAR) payloads flown by adversary aircraft pose an increasing threat to warfighters.

To counter this threat, SRC has designed and developed counter-ISR systems capable of passively detecting adversary airborne ISR collection activity. Our counter-ISR systems offer real-time alerts and can effectively recognize adversary ISR collection patterns and behaviors to enhance force protection and improve situational awareness.

Silent Swarm® Unattended EW System

Silent Swarm
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Roof Guard™ Counter-ISR System

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Copper Coat Counter-ISR Detection System

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Protean® Multi-Mission RF Suite of Systems

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Additional Info

  • Lab Facilities
    Learn about our dedicated labs and chambers used for sophisticated research and development on EW systems.
  • Modeling and Simulation
    Learn about our modeling and simulation capabilities for developing EW systems.

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