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Counter-ISR Systems

Copper Coat Counter-ISR Detection System

SRC Prototype Technology

SRC's Copper Coat counter-intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR) system is a wearable, passive radar detection and alert system that enables dismounted warfighters to detect GSRs beyond their effective range in a spectrum congested environment.

With its embedded antenna, the Copper Coat system observes a threat, detects and classifies the RF signal and generates a notification. An extremely low-size, weight and power system worn by soldiers, the Copper Coat unit discretely alerts the operator via notification on their Tactical Assault Kit or an audio signal through their headset, delivering critical intel to help warfighters avoid detection and disrupt the enemy's command.

  • Detects GSR emissions before GSRs can detect soldiers
  • Operates passively with no RF emissions, making it undetectable by adversaries
  • Small and lightweight design integrates easily into the soldier's kit via MOLLE straps

Copper Coat Counter-ISR Detection System

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