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  • Enhancing Multi-Domain Operations for the U.S. Air Force

    Advanced EW and processing technologies helping to protect warfighters and deliver actionable intel faster – enhancing Air Force operations across domains

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  • Enabling Distributed Maritime Operations

    Helping Naval forces execute simultaneous manned and unmanned missions in a distributed maritime operations environment

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  • Any Domain. Any Adversary.

    Supporting the warfighter with technologies that operate across any domain to overmatch and overwhelm any adversary

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  • Silent Impact Munition Launched EW System

    Giving the warfighter crucial cyber electromagnetic attack capabilities at an unprecedented size, weight, power and cost

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  • Electronic Warfare Intelligence Production & Reprogramming

    Redefining possible® for the EW community & the challenges it faces with today's technologically advanced targets

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  • On-the-Move Radar

    Detects and tracks targets, such as drones, while on-the-move

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Careers at SRC

We seek the best and brightest staff and challenge them to go beyond — redefining possible®

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It may seem impossible, but NOT TO US.

SRC applies science, technology, information and relentless determination to solve the "impossible." Learn how we're redefining possible by reading the stories of innovation below.

What We Do

We are a not-for-profit research and development (R&D) company committed to redefining possible® in the areas of defense, environment and intelligence.

CNY STEM Connection

We believe that STEM education is vital to the future of our company, community, and country; and are proud to support a number of initiatives to build a strong pipeline of American students capable of tackling our nation's future challenges.

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