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Manufacturing & Life Cycle Management

Assembly, Integration & Test

SRCTec specializes in custom manufacturing of high-quality, high-reliability subsystem and system-level assemblies. Our high-mix environment can support production requirements from low to high volume. Custom manufacturing and test processes, along with our environmental stress screening capabilities, support production of critical products where reliability is of principle importance. Process development is supported by the application of Six Sigma and Lean Manufacturing principles focused on delivering products that meet our customer’s specific needs. Critical to that success are specialized capabilities, including:

  • A manufacturing lab to support prototype builds and new process development
  • Wide array of RF test and measurement capability
  • Supplier surveillance and performance monitoring
    • Ensures a smooth flow of material and requirements from initial customer demand through product delivery
  • Resource requirements planning
    • Balance multiple programs running in parallel
    • Maximize equipment utilization and efficiency, minimize waste

    SRCTec, LLC


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Contract Manufacturing

SRCTec Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS) is an offering of SRCTec, LLC for contract manufacturing and custom product builds.


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