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Redefining Possible® for the U.S. Army

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Redefining Possible® for the Future of the U.S. Army

In today’s highly spectrum contested battlefield, it is imperative that warfighters have the technology they need to operate, communicate and maneuver against peer and near-peer adversaries. SRC is developing advanced, rapidly deployable and re-deployable systems to help warfighters manage their electromagnetic (EM) signature, while still collecting actionable intel and shaping the battlefield to help achieve mission success.

Our multi-domain, low-SWaP distributed sensors and systems create thousands of points of presence on the battlefield, spoofing, decoying, networking, listening and attacking simultaneously. SRC is applying machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) to integrate those systems and harvest information in near real-time, leveraging that intel to learn and apply it back into active battlefield systems. Our distributed, autonomous systems are helping manipulate and shape the EM spectrum, allowing warfighters to maintain situational awareness with opportunistic communications, overmatch and overwhelm adversaries across domains, and open critical windows of opportunity to ensure mission success.

Front view of an army Green Stryker with PFCR Radar mounted on top
We’re redefining possible® for the U.S. Army — faster than ever.

Intelligence & Electronic Warfare

SRC’s ISR capabilities augment existing technologies and connect systems across domains. SRC’s small form-factor, extremely low-SWaP systems deliver advanced CEMA and navigation warfare (NAVWAR) capabilities farther down-range, while our machine intelligence and neuromorphic computing capabilities enable real-time processing, exploitation and dissemination (PED) at the edge in high-altitude platforms.

SRC technologies also deliver organic intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) and electronic warfare (EW) capabilities on small-UAS and mobile ground platforms, putting critical capabilities directly into the hands of the warfighter. Our low-SWaP systems can fill critical capability gaps on platforms for both multi-function EW as well as high altitude PED.

Our continued investments in Next Generation EW (NGEW) will bring a robust suite of technologies, capabilities and components that provide a C5ISR Modular Open Suite of Standards (CMOSS)–complaint, scalable open architecture for ease of third party feature integration to satisfy future Army EW operational needs.

NAVWAR Systems

High Roller Multi-INT Sensor Payload

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Agile Condor® HPEC Architecture

Multi-Mission EW Systems

Silent Impact™ Munition Launched EW System

Silent Swarm™ Unattended EW System

Roof Guard™ Counter-ISR System

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Small Form-Factor EW Systems

Aerial ISR Sensing & Effects

SRC’s advanced, small form factor EW capabilities provide small, low cost, air-launched effects that can be deployed from aircraft, UAS, artillery and other airborne platforms to detect, ID, locate, deny, disrupt, and degrade enemy spectrum dependent systems.

SRC’s counter-surveillance systems help warfighters observe and gather data on the enemy’s ISR collection platforms and operational tempo, while protecting warfighters with early indications and warning of potential hostile radar detection.

Air & Missile Defense

SRC’s decades of proven radar experience and performance are shaping the future of radar development, supporting soldiers with longer range, lower power, scalable systems capable of detecting small-UAS and RAM threats, as well as larger UAS and aircraft. SRC’s advanced precision fire control radar systems can direct fire and ensure target neutralization, while our on-the-move systems make counter-UAS and counter-RAM protection a reality for the maneuver force.

Counter-UAS Technology

Precision Fire Control Radar

Silent Archer® Counter-UAS Technology

Silent Cyclone™ Dismount EW System

Steerable Electronic Attack Phased Array (SEAPA)

LIDS Family of Systems


The Joint Counter-UAS Office (JCO) selected SRC’s counter-UAS technology, included in the Fixed-Site LIDS program, as the interim counter-UAS solution of choice for the U.S. military.

Advancements in cognitive RF, machine learning techniques, automation, counter-swarm technology, and usability are being made to address critical near-term capability gaps, while implementing surgical electronic attack capabilities to defeat hostile UAS threats while avoiding neutral and friendly aircraft fratricide.

Maneuver & Soldier Systems

SRC’s small form-factor EW and counter-ISR systems increase soldier survivability and improve situational awareness. Our CEMA systems can run ISR missions while simultaneously overwhelming the enemy with electronic demonstrations, decoy signals and EW/cyber-attacks.

Designed with SWaP in mind, SRC’s radar technologies can be integrated into existing and future platforms, bringing advanced on-the-move sensing and fire control capabilities to ground vehicles ensuring warfighters have the technology they need to complete their mission successfully.

Small Form-Factor EW Systems

Silent Cyclone™ Dismount EW System

Precision Fire Control Radar

Combat Operations Battlefield Radar (COBRa)