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Electronic Warfare

Steerable Electronic Attack Phased Array (SEAPA)

SRC Prototype Technology

The SEAPA system performs surgical radio frequency (RF) targeting and disruption of hostile systems, while ensuring the safety and continued operation of friendly systems across the electromagnetic spectrum.

Concept image showing the SEAPA system providing port and harbor protection using surgical electronic effects in congested airspace

The SEAPA system uses configurable beamforming to track and engage multiple targets simultaneously with individual narrow beams. Unlike omni-directional systems, the SEAPA technology provides advanced navigation warfare (NAVWAR) capabilities while actively minimizing unintended impact to nontargeted systems.

  • Precision surgical RF beams affect only intended targets
  • Predefined area of operations (AOR) emission masks protect key friendly RF systems from unintended interference
  • Can engage targets at both short and long range simultaneously using variable power beams

Steerable Electronic Attack Phased Array - SEAPA

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