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ISR High Performance Embedded Computing

Teraflops of processing and reasoning power at 26,000 feet

Impossible? Not to Us.
The Agile Condor® technology is capable of flying on remotely piloted aircraft in a pod-based enclosure enabling on-board, high-performance embedded computing to derive real-time, actionable intelligence.
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The Challenge

Remotely Piloted Aircraft (RPA) are capable of collecting massive amounts of data from a variety of radars and sensors. This information feeds critical intelligence to our warfighters and decision makers. As airborne radars and sensors evolve, so does the complexity and volume of the data being collected, which becomes a challenge due to bandwidth and analysis constraints. The amount of data being collected is too vast to transfer efficiently between RPA and command center, and too complex for analysts to quickly process and discover important Intel. The result – critical information isn’t getting to the right people at the right time.

A Different Approach

Instead of sending all of the information we collect down to the command center for processing, what if we could pre-process the information on-board the RPA and only send important Intel to the ground? This would save valuable bandwidth and expedite analysis in time-sensitive situations.

CAD rendering of Agile Condor sysem in pod-based enclosure

SRC’s engineers, in conjunction with the Air Force Research Laboratory in Rome, NY, developed the Agile Condor® high-performance embedded computing architecture. This scalable, modular and low-cost, size, weight and power (CSWaP) computing system was designed to fit within existing payloads already designed for integration with group 4/5 RPA , such as the MQ-9 Reaper. This unique approach provides engineers the flexibility they need to implement the most advanced exploitation techniques for various form factors and concepts of operation, like smaller RPAs or ground processing configurations. It can be embedded in a pod enclosure and installed under the RPA’s wing using only the power and ports already available. It puts seven teraflops of processing power in the sky, enough to handle the most demanding mission requirements. This enormous on-board computing capability opens the door for neuromorphic and machine learning algorithms – providing the ability to parse and fuse data from on-board sensors with extreme efficiency, while flagging and sending only actionable Intel to the warfighter.

Redefining Possible®

Instead of taking hours, sometimes days or even weeks – decisions can now be made in near real-time. If the system detects an anomaly on the ground, warfighters are alerted within minutes, allowing them to investigate and act while it’s still relevant. With the Agile Condor computing architecture under your wing, data will be constantly reviewed by the on-board software – decreasing the lag time between data collection, processing, analysis and actionable Intel. Our Agile Condor technology is redefining possible® by observing, detecting, deciding, and acting at timescales that were previously impossible.

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