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Intel Analysis & Production

Signals Intelligence (SIGINT) Analysis

SRC supports the complete life cycle of signals intelligence (SIGINT) and develops modernized software to support the workflow. We analyze raw signals, generate serialized reports, and populate the Electronic Intelligence (ELINT) Intercept Model (EIM). We also combine the known intelligence for signals into a complete product within the Observed ELINT Engineering Model (OEEM), which is included as part of the Electronic Warfare Integrated Reprogramming Database (EWIRDB). The EIM and OEEM formats are compatible with the modernized EWIRDB and associated toolset allowing users to work in a common data and software suite.

SRC develops ELINT signal analysis methods that produce the most complete characterization of the parametric and modal behaviors of an emitter. Our technical electronic intelligence (TECHELINT) team members use the National TECHELINT data products and ELINT community-accepted tools and techniques. We perform signal analyses in accordance with accepted National TECHELINT Center (NTEC) reporting standards for ELINT intercept and pulse-level data. Our analysts deliver comprehensive intelligence products that capture both pulse and signal-level analysis, including intelligence that is gathered from data mining on available resources.

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