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Electronic Warfare Counter-UAS

Detect and disable the elusive threat

Impossible? Not to Us.
Detecting low, slow and small airborne targets like drones is hard enough. We not only detect them, we identify and disrupt them as well — providing a turn-key counter-UAS capability to defeat the elusive threat.

SRC's engineers found a way.

We had already developed award winning systems that solved pieces of the puzzle for defending against hostile drones. We knew the problem was immediate and our warfighters couldn't afford the luxury of waiting years for someone to research and develop a new system. So we worked with the military and found a way to integrate the AN/TPQ-50 radar with LSTAR air surveillance software installed (for target detection), an EO/IR camera (for target identification), and an advanced electronic warfare system (for target defeat). Then we demonstrated the technology at U.S. Government-sponsored events like Black Dart — and it worked.

Counter-UAS equation: Radar + Camera + Electronic Warfare = Drone Defeated

The result was a complete counter-UAS solution that didn't require developing any new hardware — allowing the military to do even more with the systems they already owned.

The technology is flexible and interoperable with other existing and yet-to-be developed systems. The door is left open to other technologies, such as existing radar and air defense systems to create a solution with multiple layers of defense. And we continue to evolve the capabilities of our own technology, such as adding direction finding units into the equation.

With SRC's counter-UAS technology, you can detect the drone, identify it as hostile or friendly, and defeat it (even if it’s a swarm of them).

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