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Fire Control Radars

Precision Fire Control Radar (PFCR)

SRC's Precision Fire Control Radar (PFCR) tracks both the target and integrated weapon munitions to determine and recalculate firing coordinates on the fly.

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SRC's PFCR system is a 3-D, fully active electronically scanned array (AESA) fire control radar capable of integrating with a variety of weapon systems. The radar is designed to detect and track targets of interest including unmanned aircraft systems (UAS), manned aircraft, vehicles, personnel and rocket, artillery and mortar (RAM) threats. It provides accurate target location, including altitude and velocity of airborne and ground-based threats in a configurable hemispherical volume of coverage (360° in azimuth and 90° in elevation).

  • Performs air surveillance and precision tracking simultaneously
  • Seamless integration with a variety of weapon systems
  • Multi-mission capable
  • Operable at the halt and on the move On-the-Move Logo Icon
  • Simultaneously tracks outgoing rounds and other small radar cross-section (RCS), high-speed targets, as well as low-speed, longer range targets

    Precision Fire Control Radar (PFCR)

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