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Research & Development

Mechanical Engineering

The mechanical design for all SRC products is integrated to provide custom, rapid solutions that are designed and validated to rugged military standard environments, human factors, physical security and maintainability.

Our products range in size from small handheld or wearable devices, to vehicle mounted equipment and large fixed site systems. Regardless of size, these products are often exposed to a wide range of environmental conditions including extreme weather operation, vehicle or airborne vibration and mechanical shock.

The mechanical design team designs for these conditions, while dramatically shortening the development cycle, by leveraging analytical tools to validate designs before the first prototype is even assembled.

Thermal Simulations

The mechanical design team can fully simulate thermal environments including temperature extremes, solar radiation, or even heat from nearby systems to ensure proper thermal management early in the design phase.

Structural Analysis

Structural analysis tools allow the team to quickly realize and design for mechanical stresses and deflections under worst case vibration, shock, or simple static loading.

Our internal rapid prototyping capabilities enable designs to progress through development quickly. Our capabilities include: 3D plastic and composite printing, metal fabrication and full cable builds.

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