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Intel Analysis & Production

Modeling Support

SRC provides modeling, simulation and analysis (MS&A) support to the test and evaluation (T&E), electronic warfare reprogramming and aircrew training communities.

Leveraging our experience in model-based intelligence mission data (IMD) and EWIRDB radar modeling, SRC provides key modeling, simulation and analysis support to our customers.

Our analysts are highly skilled in the detailed examination of radar systems, available intelligence sources, and system-of-systems (SoS)/family-of-systems (FoS) concepts required for real-time modeling, simulation, and analysis of modern peer/near-peer threats in live, virtual and constructive (LVC) simulations.

We have extensive experience generating aircraft, radar, jammer, and weapon models and developing stand-in models or surrogates in lieu of up-to-date models from the intelligence community. We stand ready to support the EW community.


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