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Redefining Possible® for the U.S. Air Force

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Redefining Possible® for the Future of the U.S. Air Force

In spectrum contested environments, identifying and understanding the threat, whether it’s a small UAS, drone swarm, surface-to-air missile system, or highly capable adversary aircraft, is critical in ensuring the safety of our warfighters and the success of our missions.

SRC’s low-size, weight and power (SWaP) technologies are bringing electonic warfare (EW) capabilities to new platforms, enabling on-the-move base defense protection to support agile combat employment sites. Our high-performance computing architectures enable real-time, multi-domain signal processing, data analysis and processing exploitation and dissemination (PED) at-the-edge, and our intelligence mission data (IMD) and electronic integrated reprogramming (EWIR) expertise are helping to protect warfighters as they train for and engage in combat scenarios.

SRC is supporting the Air Force with critical small form-factor technologies to modernize and advance Air Force capabilities, enabling mosaic warfare and opening the possibility for manned/unmanned teaming (MUM-T) to help warfighters overwhelm and overmatch any adversary.

F35 in blue bubble of 1s and 0s representing EW protection
Enabling mosaic warfare and manned/unmanned teaming solutions with small and mighty sensors and systems.

Agile Combat Support

SRC is developing key layered defense technologies to help protect air bases and agile combat employment sites from hostile drones, rockets and mortar threats. SRC’s Silent Archer® counter-UAS system leverages radar, camera and multi-function EW systems to detect, identify and defeat hostile drones and swarms. Roof Guard™ provides passive detection and early warning of adversary radar and ISR activity. Silent Impact® and Silent Swarm® deliver key cyber electromagnetic attack (CEMA) capabilities at an unprecedented size, weight, power and cost (SWaP-C).

Silent Archer®
Counter-UAS Technology

Silent Impact®
Munition Launched EW System

Silent Swarm®
Unattended EW System

Roof Guard
Counter-ISR System

High Roller Multi-INT Sensor Payload

Agile Condor® HPEC Architecture

Airborne Sensors Family of Systems

SRC’s research and development into airborne sensor and processing platforms bring new capabilities and technologies to airborne platforms. Our neuromorphic computing architectures and machine learning algorithms enable real-time data processing at-the-edge, while our emulation and multi-function EW systems enable advanced simulation and stimulation (sim/stim) capabilities for manned and unmanned platforms.

Advanced Threat Simulation

SRC’s advanced threat simulation technologies enable real-time reprogramming during live, virtual and constructive (LVC) training exercises. Our sim/stim technologies help EW engineers and the test and evaluation (T&E) communities ensure accurate threat profiles and equip warfighters with effective electronic countermeasures.

Live, Virtual & Constructive Simulation

Digital EW Threat Generation Systems

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EW Threat Simulator Receivers

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EW Integrated Reprogramming Database Development & Training

EW Intel Production & Reprogramming

Intelligence Mission Data

SRC is a leader in intelligence mission data production, applying over 35 years of EW expertise to solve the most critical challenges warfighters face across the spectrum. Our advanced technologies can sense, emulate, confuse, deny and degrade enemy threats in real-time and can be leveraged for red-air live, virtual and constructive simulations.

SRC’s multi-function EW technology leverages intelligence mission data to enable combat identification, advanced threat emulation, and airborne electronic attack onboard manned and unmanned platforms. This combination of phased array antenna technology, small form-factor low-SWaP hardware and advanced software will help protect warfighters in spectrum denied environments and manned/unmanned teaming scenarios, opening up windows of opportunity to overwhelm adversaries.