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On-the-Move Radars

SkyChaser® On-the-Move Multi-Mission Radar

The SkyChaser on-the-move On-the-Move Logo Icon radar performs target detection and tracking of ground and airborne targets while the system is in motion.

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The SkyChaser radar is a 3-D multi-mission radar system that detects and tracks low, slow and small (LSS) targets while on the move. The system is modular and software-defined, leveraging a compact, rugged and flexible active electronically scanned array (AESA) that delivers fully steerable beams in azimuth and elevation. The system can also be modularly stacked and expanded to create more powerful arrays, with increased accuracy, opening up the radar’s capability to be used in multiple environments for diverse missions.

The SkyChaser system provides configurable coverage volume in elevation, range and detection accuracy. Utilizing steerable radar beams, the system allows for detection and tracking of close-in, pop-up targets as well as long-range targets, all while the system is moving.

  • Reduces costs by performing the tasks of multiple radars through one multi-mission system
  • Configurable for a variety of applications due to modular antenna panel design
  • Detects LSS targets, typically undetectable by other radars, by utilizing excellent Doppler resolution from digital beamforming and enhancement algorithms
  • Provides optimized all-weather and environment search and track capabilities

    SkyChaser On-the-Move Multi-Mission Radar

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