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Multi-Mission EW Systems

Ghost Mantis Multi-Function RF System

SRC's Ghost Mantis® system is a low-cost, modular, next-generation electronic warfare payload that enables advanced concepts of operations and tactics for collaborative combat aircraft.

The multi-function RF system performs multi-domain operations to degrade, disable and deny adversary capabilities.

  • Delivers a superior combination of performance and value
  • Designed to balance performance and cost to enable emerging collaborative combat aircraft concepts of operations
  • Operational in the most highly contested, congested and denied environments
  • Highly adaptable to new technologies and future threats
  • Configurable to help meet the requirements of any mission
  • Modular architecture enables rapid performance and capability upgrades at the speed necessary to support the modern battlefield


Ghost Mantis performs Sense/ID, Deceive and Deny capabilities to the warfighter

Ghost Mantis® Multi-Function RF System

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