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Multi-Mission EW Systems

Silent Impact® Munition Launched EW System

SRC Prototype Technology

SRC's Silent Impact® munition launched electronic warfare (EW) system delivers key cyber electromagnetic attack (CEMA) capabilities to the warfighter at an unprecedented size, weight, power and cost (SWaP-C).

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SRC's Silent Impact system uses a 155mm munition shell as a delivery mechanism, extending key navigation warfare (NAVWAR), NAVWAR situational awareness (NAVSENSE), and EW capabilities deep into contested territory to overwhelm and overmatch any adversary.

The system can deliver cyber electromagnetic attack (CEMA) payloads in-flight, using parachutes to stay aloft for extended periods, and on the ground after it lands. The system also provides advanced cyber and non-traditional intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance functionality for identifying and exploiting adversaries.

  • Munition launchable to deliver CEMA capabilities into hostile territory while supporting EW, cyber, surveillance, deception or A2AD missions
  • Designed to fit into existing artillery munition casings
  • Delivers enhanced situational understanding, giving soldiers the intelligence they need to observe adversaries, orient assets to the situation, decide on a course of action and act on that mission plan

Silent Impact® Munition Launched EW System

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Silent Impact

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