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Manufacturing & Life Cycle Management

SRCTec, LLC, our manufacturing subsidiary, manages a flexible, 200,000 square foot facility, with more than 90,000 square feet dedicated to manufacturing. This state-of-art operation can handle the most aggressive delivery schedules, while maintaining the highest quality standards.


SRCTec's manufacturing space can be easily reconfigured to provide optimal execution and efficient work flow to match specific program requirements and production surge schedules. SRCTec also provides development environments with the special manufacturing techniques important to a diverse range of customers, programs or devices.

SRCTec's core proficiencies are final assembly, integration and test. Additional competencies include:

  • Manufacturing, process, test and quality engineering
  • Manufacturing program management
  • Materials management, shipping and receiving
  • Assembly, test, inspection and quality assurance
  • Customized RF test

SRCTec's manufacturing processes are certified to meet the requirements of the ISO 9001:2015. Our operators are certified to various J-STD requirements in support of electronic assembly.

Assembly, Integration
& Test


Circuit Card Assembly

Electro-Mechanical Manufacturing

Environmental Stress Screening

Contract Manufacturing

Life Cycle Management

SRCTec delivers comprehensive services to support products throughout their life cycle. From early involvement in the conceptual product development through manufacturing, testing, fielding, use and retirement, SRCTec delivers unmatched continuity through our depot, logistics support, product support/field engineering, product training and system sustainment and upgrade services.

Depot Services

Logistics Support

Product Support /
Field Engineering

Product Training

Systems Sustainment


Contract Manufacturing

SRCTec Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS) is an offering of SRCTec, LLC for contract manufacturing and custom product builds.

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