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Product Training

SRCTec provides synchronous and asynchronous training, ranging from initial systems training for new customers to advanced troubleshooting skills for highly experienced users. Our OEM-level training solutions enable customers to get the full operational benefits from their products.

All courses are taught by our skilled product support engineers either in-person at the customer’s site, at our facilities in Syracuse, NY, or facilitated remotely across multiple locations. Instructor-led training is designed on a 30/70 split of lecture and hands-on practical exercise activities to give students opportunities to hone their skills and confidence in operating the system and performing preventive and corrective maintenance tasks. 

For many products, training is also available in SCORM-compliant formats that are compatible with customer Learning Management Systems (LMS). These short courses can serve as refresher training or as just-in-time / on-demand training of basic system skills. 

For customers desiring advanced simulations as part of their training, SRCTec can create mission specific simulations from the full range of Instructional Design Levels:

  • Level I: Passive
  • Level II: Limited Participation
  • Level III: Complex Participation
  • Level IV: Real-Time Participation

SRCTec’s synthetic training environments bring together live and virtual training elements to deliver accessible exercises that mimic the full range of operations and maintenance in the “real world.”  Whatever level of training is desired, SRCTec can create an escalating series of problem sets to keep learners engaged and develop the critical thinking and analysis skills needed for the customer’s mission. 



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