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Corporate Sustainability

SRC is working to increase efficiencies while decreasing our carbon footprint in everything from our facilities to our manufacturing processes.

We are committed to environmental sustainability and reducing our company's environmental impact. Our green infrastructure projects result in more than 1,000 pounds of compostable materials being diverted from landfills each year, over six tractor trailer loads of wooden pallets recycled, and nearly 30,000 pounds of e-waste disposed of properly. We continue to focus on environmental stewardship throughout the company to improve our sustainable practices.

Energy Stewardship

SRC works with an Energy Service Company (ESCO) to purchase 100% renewable energy credits for all our Syracuse buildings.

  • SRC is a member of the New York State Energy Research & Development Authority (NYSERDA) Strategic Energy Management Program that provides a framework for aligning energy efficiency with business practices
  • SRC is a member of the Green Power Partnership with the Environmental Protection Agency

Sustainability Initiatives

Heating and Cooling

SRC considers environmental impacts when replacing or upgrading HVAC equipment. The company has performed numerous upgrades and implemented processes that have resulted in emission reductions and energy savings.

  • Heat Pumps – SRC uses efficient heat pump units containing refrigerant that does not contribute to ozone depletion
  • HVAC Equipment Automation – All SRC HVAC systems are controlled by a building automation system, helping to improve system efficiency, reduce costs and increase safety
  • Make-Up Air Units – Economizers that allow for "free cooling" by reducing energy usage when outdoor temperatures are cooler
  • Energy Recovery Units – "Enthalpy wheels" located in the make-up air units remove energy from exhausted air before it leaves the building, reducing the amount of energy wasted as heat
  • Oil Replacement – Backup generator oil is sampled and monitored, and oil changes are only performed when necessary to reduce oil waste


SRC has performed numerous upgrades to improve the quality of lighting for employees while substantially reducing the company's energy usage and mercury waste.

  • Occupancy sensors – Sensors in all SRC buildings detect motion and turn off lights when rooms are empty
  • Computer control systems – These programmable systems, set to provide light during business hours, help limit the energy used in unoccupied spaces
  • LED lighting – All renovations include upgrading of lighting to LED fixtures as the company continues to replace old fixtures and bulbs


SRC has implemented recycling programs across the enterprise to reduce waste output.

  • E-Waste – All electronic waste generated by the company is picked up by an R2:2013 certified recycler to ensure proper disposal according to strict, environmentally sound practices
  • Compost – The onsite cafeteria in our Syracuse headquarters composts all waste which is turned into mulch
  • Pallet Recycling – Pallets are reused, recycled, or turned into mulch
  • Paper Shredding – All disposed paper products are shredded and recycled


SRC continuously looks for ways to reduce the environmental impact of vehicle usage. We incentivize carpooling and the use of hybrid or electric vehicles by providing reserved parking spaces at premium locations around our buildings.

  • Electric Vehicle Charging Stations – SRC offers 27 charging stations to encourage employees' use of electric vehicles, reducing green house gas emissions

Environmental Sustainability

Increasing efficiencies while decreasing our carbon footprint.

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