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Mission Planning Support

SRC produces mission planning threat data through unique processes and software applications that ensure data quality and integrity. We perform data engineering analysis on specialized systems to glean high fidelity performance characteristics and behavioral data on radar, missiles and AAA systems. We then transform this intelligence into mission planning threat data for the Combat Support Database. This data gets used by today's warfighters to enhance situational awareness of the battlespace through real-time data fusion. 

We support over 50 tailored outputs that feed operational mission planning tools such as:

  • Joint Mission Planning System (JMPS)
  • Portable Flight Planning System (PFPS)
  • Mission Planning System-UNIX (MPS-UNIX)
  • Joint Automated Deep Operations Coordination System (JADOCS)
  • Order of Battle Management Tool (OBMT)
  • Improved Many On Many (IMOM)

Mission Planning Support

Air Force Mission Support

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