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MOSA / Open Architecture Systems

SRC's open architecture software-defined systems are MOSA-aligned and power a variety of system of systems solutions. The systems are also available for use in development and production environments.

Our Modular Open Systems Approach (MOSA)-aligned systems have been developed to be the flexible, software-defined building blocks that can operate as stand-alone systems or drive complex solutions for electronic warfare (EW) and navigation warfare (NAVWAR) to radar applications. Built to leverage open architecture frameworks and techniques, our systems are interoperable with a wide variety of software and hardware architectures to fit almost any use case.

SRC's software-defined systems are capable of performing a variety of missions to support and protect the warfighter and can be loaded with mission-specific or multi-mission software that can adapt to new or evolving missions without needing to change hardware. These software-defined radios (SDRs) combine a wideband radio frequency (RF) spectrum, significant signal processing power, and multiple input/output (I/O) interfaces for scalable solutions that defend against technologically sophisticated, near-peer adversaries — now, and in the future.

Open Architecture Systems

SRC designs and develops systems leveraging multiple industry leading open architecture frameworks, enabling interoperability, rapid prototyping and increased capabilities for the warfighter.

SRC5986A Micro-Transceiver

SRC5986E Rugged Micro-Transceiver

SOSA-Aligned Systems

SRC is a steering member of the SOSA open standards consortium and is designing and developing SOSA-aligned systems to rapidly deliver advanced capabilities to the warfighter.

Protean™ Multi-Mission RF Suite of Systems

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SRC6458B CMOSS/SOSA-Aligned SDR Payload

SRC7743 CMOSS/SOSA-Aligned 7 Slot 3U VPX Chassis

SRC7778 CMOSS/SOSA-Aligned DSP Payload Card

SRC8868 1-Slot CMOSS Chassis

SRC9061 CMOSS/SOSA-Aligned 4 Slot 3U VPX Chassis