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Open Architecture Systems & Development

SOSA Open Standards Initiative

SOSA Sensor Open Systems Architecture

SRC is working to provide innovative solutions to the most critical challenges our customers face.

By supporting the SOSA initiative, we are helping to create a more open and competitive marketplace for advanced capabilities — giving industry leaders the ability to rapidly develop and bring capabilities to market, while giving military customers the opportunity to quickly evaluate and implement technologies and solutions that provide the greatest benefit to the warfighter.

SRC is leading the effort with fellow consortium members to enhance and further the SOSA open standards initiative to rapidly deliver advanced, flexible technologies to warfighters as they work to complete their missions.

  • SRC is a steering member of the Open Group’s Sensor Open Systems Architecture (SOSA) Consortium and is committed to furthering the development and adoption of the SOSA standard across the industry.
  • SRC is committed to SOSA-Aligned open architecture solutions and has proven experience with CMOSS, MORA, VICTORY, REDHAWK, TOA and Open VPX standards
  • SRC joined the SOSA Consortium in 2018 and has been an active participant in the MOSA initiative for years
  • Our integrated R&D and manufacturing capabilities allow for rapid transitions from prototype design to production to meet accelerated DoD acquisition timelines
  • SRC is a skilled systems integrator, and has extensive knowledge of SOSA consortium standards development
  • SRC has designed and developed multiple SOSA-aligned systems that we leverage in many of our technologies and products

Protecting the Warfighter with SOSA-Aligned Technology

The SOSA initiative is helping to align government and industry partners in the creation and use of nonproprietary standards to accelerate critical system development. SOSA’s quality attributes and architecture principles — portability, upgradability, vendor agnosticism, IP protection, modularity, interchangeability and reuse — push innovative thinking to the edge, resulting in novel technologies and solutions that are helping to protect warfighters.