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Software Engineering at SRC

At SRC, software engineers play a crucial role in the development of our systems’ capabilities. They are responsible for writing the code that makes our radars, sensors and electronic warfare solutions effective.

As a software engineer at SRC you’ll be involved in almost every stage of product development. One day you might be in the lab working with the digital engineer who wrote the firmware for a radar, and the next you could be in the field with the systems engineer who wrote the requirements for the system.

Our software engineers collaborate extensively with other engineering disciplines to develop the most comprehensive and effective solutions possible - this collaborative atmosphere fosters professional growth and continues to inspire new innovations throughout the company.

As a software engineer at SRC, you get to experience the development of a system from cradle to grave. You could be in the room when the idea is first formulated, and flash forward a year or two, you're in the field with the system seeing how it performs and interacting with customers.

Chris C. – Software Engineer

Software Engineering Opportunities

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