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Counter-UAS Technology


SRC supports the U.S. Army Low, Slow, Small UAS Integrated Defeat System (LIDS) family of systems with radar, electronic warfare, direction finding and camera systems to detect, track, identify and defeat groups 1 to 3 UAS.

LIDS Event Protection

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LIDS Airport Protection

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The AN/TPQ-50 radar provides the warfighter with a versatile, powerful, all-in-one multi-mission radar for counter-UAS, early warning of incoming rocket, artillery, and mortars, weapon location for indirect fire, counterfire target acquisition (CTA), and short-range air defense missions.


The Counter-Small Unmanned Aircraft Electronic Warfare System (CUAEWS) provides advanced electronic warfare engagement techniques designed to detect, track, classify and defeat groups 1, 2 and small group 3 UAS, whether individual targets or swarms.

The CUAEWS provides low-cost alternative for engaging UAS and adds an extra layer of defense for integrated kinetic weapons systems.

EO/IR Camera

SRC integrated camera systems are specifically designed to meet the needs of the C-UAS mission. The systems are comprised of high-definition electro-optic (EO) and infrared (IR) cameras, providing plug-and-play functionality as an integrated sensor in LIDS solution. The system provides superior small UAS detection, identification and tracking capabilities and include all components required to operate either interdependently or as part of a C-UAS system of systems.


LIDS Family of Systems

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To request more information about LIDS, please contact us or the U.S. Army at:
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