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SRC Technology Chosen for DoD’s Fixed-Site Counter-UAS Solution

December 3, 2020

Syracuse, NY – The Joint Counter Small Unmanned Aerial Systems Office (JCO) has selected the Army’s Fixed Site-Low, Slow, Small Unmanned Aircraft System Integrated Defeat System (FS-LIDS) solution, containing SRC, Inc.’s radar, electronic warfare (EW) and camera technology, as an interim counter-sUAS solution for the U.S. military.

SRC’s AN/TPQ-50 air surveillance radar, counter-sUAS EW system and electro-optic/infrared camera are primary components of FS-LIDS. These systems provide accurate detection of low flying and small moving UAS targets, identify and classify those targets, and provide low-cost precision electronic defeat capabilities.

The proliferation of weaponized, commercial off-the-shelf drones continue to pose a threat to the U.S. military troops and bases. In January 2020, the Department of Defense (DoD) established the JCO, led by the U.S, Army, to test more than 40 counter-sUAS systems. The JCO recently finished their evaluation and recommended the FS-LIDS solution for the fixed or semi-fixed mission, which the DoD has since reviewed and approved.

“We are proud to provide both our cutting-edge technology and expertise to support the FS-LIDS program,” said Kevin Hair, president, and CEO of SRC, Inc. “I am incredibly proud of our team for their ability to respond quickly to the Army’s urgent need for a counter-sUAS solution, and to have the system selected by the DoD as they work with industry to develop the joint solution for the services.”

SRC’s counter-sUAS technology was previously selected by the Army, as part of FS-LIDS, and the Air Force, as part of the Medusa program, to meet an urgent need to counter hostile UAS threats and help protect warfighters.

“I’m very pleased that the Army has recognized SRC’s leading role in the development of this critically important technology,” said Rep. Katko. “More than ever, Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) are being used by our adversaries to threaten American soldiers abroad and the security of our nation. In Central New York SRC is creating high-paying jobs and advancing technology that can detect and classify UAS to prevent attacks on our troops and homeland. As Central New York’s federal representative and as a leader on the Homeland Security Committee, I will continue working across party lines to push polices that keep our nation safe and expand opportunities for manufacturers like SRC to create local jobs.”

About SRC

SRC, Inc. (@SRCDefense), a not-for-profit research and development company, combines information, science, technology and ingenuity to solve “impossible” problems in the areas of defense, environment and intelligence. Across a family of companies, SRC applies bright minds, fresh thinking and relentless determination to deliver innovative products and services that are redefining possible® for the challenges faced by America and its allies.

Since 1957, SRC’s commitment to the customer and the best solution — not the bottom line — has remained a core value that guides its efforts. This passion for quality carries through to the technologies the company invents and manufactures, the laboratories and facilities it builds, the people they hire, and communities where they work. Today, more than 1,600 engineers, scientists and professionals work together at SRC to protect people, the environment and our way of life.