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SRC Awarded Patent for Angle Diversity MIMO Radar

June 5, 2024

Syracuse, NY – The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has issued SRC, Inc. a patent for “Angle Diversity Multiple Input Multiple Output Radar,” a process in which signals from multiple beams can be transmitted simultaneously – or nearly simultaneously – and their reflected returns distinguished on receive.

“This invention represents a significant advancement in radar capabilities which allows us to continuing delivering on our mission,” said Kevin Hair, president and CEO of SRC. “The technical expertise needed to make such an advancement like this is a testament to how SRC is redefining possible for our customers.”

The system improves upon early applications of sequential lobing by combining two transmit beams with two receive beams to form two transmit-receive beams as in sequential lobing. The difference, however, is that the beams are formed within one dwell (measurement). Test simulations confirmed the system’s advantage and improved accuracy.

The inventor for this patent is Harvey Schuman, senior principal systems engineer at SRC. Schuman has over 55 years of experience in signal processing and electromagnetics and is recognized as a fellow at SRC. In 2017, the Technology Alliance of Central New York awarded Schuman the Lifetime Achievement Award for his pioneering work in electromagnetic modeling, antenna design and analysis; advanced radar signal processing, analysis and simulation; and electronic countermeasures/electronic counter-countermeasures development for ground, airborne and space-based systems. He has authored numerous papers and presentations and holds eight other patents.


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Harvey Schuman

Harvey Schuman
Senior Principal Systems Engineer

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