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Compartmented Operations Support

Sensitive Activity Training

Capability Integration Training

Creating programs to safeguard critical information or to seize information and spectrum capacity, in either contested or congested settings, is just the beginning. In order for these programs to be successful, they must be effectively transitioned from the development community to the warfighting community. SRC provides experts with significant operational experience to assist with integrating these programs into military operations. We train warfighting personnel on how to seamlessly integrate the capability into their current operations.

Special Technical Operations Training

We provide up-to-date and relevant training to planners from the tactical to the strategic level that enables the warfighter to plan, operate and succeed in the low-intensity conflict arena as well as on the conventional battlefield. Our support spans a variety of technical and cognitive activities that include influence and military deception operations and are tailored to each organization’s needs and abilities. Our instructional-level expertise has directly supported the establishment of national standards in this rigorous and specialized competency for over a decade.


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