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Operational Planning & Integration

Compartmented Operations Support

Creative integration of both the cognitive and the physical is vital to supporting commanders’ requirements and successfully achieve objectives. Ensuring all facets of the information environment are synchronized in time and space are core strengths of SRC’s analytical services.

We protect our customers’ capabilities and associated information as if it were our own and have received the highest security commendations, time after time. We routinely work in complex security settings that require detailed and unique security specifications for diverse programs. This is the cornerstone on which SRC has built an unsurpassed reputation for providing exceptional compartmented planning support and program development based upon applicable law, defense strategy and policies.

SRC takes great pride in the quiet but essential support we provide the DoD in the integration of compartmented activities to achieve desired effects. Our planners have a comprehensive understanding of capabilities, effects and objectives within rigorous multi-level security structures. We support military staff at all levels to synchronize efforts through detailed plans that employ the current joint command and service planning processes. We provide our customers with operational planners for efforts in domestic and international locations.

Information Operations Integration

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Intelligence Support to Operations

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Sensitive Activity Training

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