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CBRN Services

CBRN Modeling & Simulation

SRC uses and develops models based on the latest accepted methodologies to assess chemical behavior in the environment.

Our CBRN modeling and simulation services include:

  • Hazard prediction
  • Plume modeling
  • Chemical transport and fate
  • Exposure and toxicological risk assessment

Droplet Reaction and Evaporation of Agents Model (DREAM)

In support of the DTRA Hazard Prediction and Assessment Capability (HPAC) program and the JPEO-CBRND Joint Effect Model (JEM), SRC developed, deployed, validated, and continues to enhance a source term model for prediction of secondary evaporation and surface reactivity of persistent chemicals.

Chemical Hazards of Industrial Processes (CHIPs)

SRC assisted the National Center for Medical Intelligence (NCMI) in development of the CHIPs analysis tool. The CHIPs tool contains detailed information on industrial processes that use or produce commercial chemical substances, chemical storage systems and illicit drug manufacturing methods. CHIPs focuses on the potential physical and toxicological hazards for chemical substances present at chemical manufacturing facilities and assesses hazards and exposure risks to military personnel operating in the vicinity of these facilities.

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