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LSTAR® Air Surveillance Software

SRC's LSTAR software provides owners of the AN/TPQ-49 and AN/TPQ-50 radar platforms with air surveillance capabilities.

The software extends the coverage volume of SRC's radars using air surveillance specific waveforms for monitoring the air space. The LSTAR software includes an air surveillance specific tracker, classifier, and display. It also provides interfaces tailored for air surveillance and air defense operations.

The LSTAR software enables 3-D detection of traditional aircraft (military and commercial fixed and rotary wing) and nontraditional aircraft, such as low altitude, slow flying, small radar cross-section targets (ultralights, paragliders/hang-gliders and all sizes of drones/UAS from Group 1 to 5 including micro UAS).

For additional information about our license and maintenance agreement please download the LSTAR® Software Overview Sheet.

LSTAR® Software

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