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Air Surveillance Radars

LSTAR® Air Surveillance Radars

A low-cost, 3-D, 360° surveillance radar ideal for detecting and tracking all types of aircraft, such as drones, ultralights, helicopters and airplanes.

The LSTAR® family of air surveillance radars provides 360 degree, 3-D electronic scanning capabilities for detecting and tracking the most difficult airborne targets. These radars reliably detect and track unmanned aircraft systems (also known as unmanned aerial vehicles, or UAVs, and often referred to by the media as drones), fixed and rotary wing aircraft, such as ultralights, paragliders and hang gliders. The LSTAR systems are ideal sensors for border air surveillance, critical infrastructure protection, local airspace management, UAS airspace integration (also known as UAS sense-and-avoid) and wind farm applications.

The LSTAR family of air surveillance radars all share the following benefits:

  • Network ready, using standard ASTERIX, DDS or custom interfaces
  • Ideal for integrated solutions such as cueing a thermal imaging camera
  • Full remote, unattended operation
  • Low maintenance and life cycle costs
  • High mean time between failure
  • Easily transportable with rapid, unobtrusive emplacement

LSTAR (V)2 Radar

Small, light and expeditionary
Product Overview Sheet

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LSTAR (V)3 Radar

Higher power, longer range
Product Overview Sheet

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LSTAR Air Surveillance Software

Software for air surveillance capabilities on the AN/TPQ-49 or AN/TPQ-50

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LSTAR Configuration Options

Configurable with a variety of optional subsystems

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