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Research & Development

Antenna Design

SRC develops state-of-the-art antennas and phased arrays for the most demanding requirements to support our customer’s missions.

We design and develop both stand-alone antennas (including patches, monopoles, dipoles, spirals, and other more exotic antennas) and elements of phased arrays, while taking into consideration the installation effects in sensor rich environments. Antenna placement can have a significant impact on its performance, and our engineers create detailed models thar can be placed in the environment for testing. If a model is not available, the antenna is measured in our spherical near-field chamber and the 3-D measured pattern can be imported into a simulation tool for optimized placement in the environment.

Stand-Alone Antennas

Using commercially available software, like HFSS, WIPL-D, FEKO™, and X-PATCH, we process information on high-performance computer clusters with GPUs to improve simulation times and shorten the design cycle.

Phased Arrays

SRC uses a combination of both proprietary and commercial software to accurately predict array performance, which includes analyzing both active impedance and embedded element patterns while considering array edge effects.