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Far-Field Chamber

Our far-field chamber supports testing from UHF through Ku band and is readily extendable up through millimeter waves. In addition to traditional far-field antenna
measurements, this facility supports a variety of full system-level testing including radar target test generation and communication link evaluation.


  • Dimensions: 26’W x 40’L x 32’H
  • Chamber Shielding Effectiveness: 100 dB
  • Equipment Access Door: 10’ x 10’
  • Free Space Path Length: 27’9”
  • Operating Frequency:  UHF to 18 GHz (mmW extensions available)
  • Absorber Treatment: 24 to 48” pyramidal absorber
  • Positioner: Azimuth over Elevation with >1000 lb. capacity
  • Azimuth Positioner Features: 18 GHz Rotary Joint with 40 contact Slip Ring
  • AUT Access:  Dual 30” x 60” Scissor lifts with 3000 lb. capacity
  • Polarization Positioner Capacity: 800 ft-lb bending capacity with 18 GHz rotary joint

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