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Redefining Possible for the Army Futures Command

SRC, Inc. is redefining possible® for the Army Futures Command and its Cross Functional Teams (CFTs). Our engineers are developing cutting edge solutions to the Army's most complex problems, including multi-mission on-the-move radar, multi-function electronic warfare, counter-UAS technologies, assured-PNT, and machine learning/artificial intelligence.

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SRC's products and capabilities that support the CFTs:

Air & Missile Defense CFT

Counter-UAS Technology

Detect, track, identify & defeat hostile drones.

Air Surveillance Radars

Detect, locate, track, & classify a wide range of airborne targets

Counterfire Weapon Location Radars

Predict the points of origin & points of impact of hostile ballistic threats

Next Generation Combat Vehicles CFT

On-the-Move Multi-Mission Radar

On-the-move detection of low, slow & small targets

Wall Penetration Radar

Sense-through-the-wall radar for detecting and locating people from significant standoff range

Assured Positioning, Navigation & Timing (A-PNT) CFT

Multi-Mission EW Systems

Spectrum Sensors

Future Vertical Lift CFT

Airborne Sensors & UAS Systems

ISR Capabilities

All-source intelligence for cross-domain operations in contested environments