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Electronic Warfare

Silent Thunder™ Multi-Mission Electronic Warfare System

SRC's Silent Thunder™ multi-mission electronic warfare (EW) system delivers precision EW techniques to ensure spectrum dominance.

The Silent Thunder system's advanced EW capabilities are focused on providing overmatch against emerging near-peer threats and cooperatively utilizing the congested RF spectrum to exploit a variety of signals of interest.

The Silent Thunder system operates in the congested RF spectrum to exploit a variety of signals of interest to provide overmatch against emerging near-peer threats.

The system can operate in both multi-mode and multi-mission configurations through integration with EWPMT, giving the warfighter the tools and flexibility needed to react to rapidly changing battlefield situations.

  • Helps to protect the warfighter from a variety of threats across the electromagnetic spectrum
  • Seamless integration into a variety of military vehicles
  • Low power consumption
  • Proven high reliability/operational availability

Silent Thunder Multi-Mission EW System

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