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Defense, environment, intelligence

Electronic Warfare

From mission planning support and threat simulator receivers that assist with airborne training and operations — to ground-based CREW and EW systems that protect against RCIEDs — SRC’s ongoing commitment to our warfighters is unwavering.

SRC has 35 years of multifaceted experience in electronic warfare. Our EW capabilities include system concept development; modeling and simulation; system design, implementation, manufacture, test and field support; and all aspects of EW threat and systems data analysis. SRC was a key contributor to the development of the EWIRDB in the 1970s and continues to lead the EW intelligence production and reprogramming cycle with next-generation tools that assist analysts in data processing, manipulation and visualization.

We continue to upgrade existing capabilities and are engaged in emerging technologies that will provide improved performance to the soldier, such as integrated EW and EW-enabled cyber.

Counter-IED &
Ground EW Systems

Counter-UAS Systems

EW-Enabled Cyber

EW Environment

Intel Production & Reprogramming

Integrated EW

Mission Planning Support

SIGINT Tool Development & EW Modernization

Software Defined Radios

Spectrum Sensors

Sub-System Assemblies

Threat Simulator Receivers