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Environmental Health Analysis

Scientific Databases

SRC creates and maintains chemical, environmental and toxicological databases that support the development of new methodologies to enhance hazard and exposure assessments. The ability to populate these databases with information from literature demonstrates our expertise and understanding of the wide variety of scientific disciplines required for environmental fate and toxicity assessments.

Our databases are frequently used to develop new predictive methodologies, including QSARs and predictive modeling using an analog approach. They also form the foundation of our tools that enhance hazard assessment and green chemistry.

  • Environmental Fate Data Base
    EFDB is a database of bibliographic information and experimental value data. It provides a data source for constructing structure-activity correlations for degradability and transport of chemicals in the environment. This internal database is used by SRC's scientists to efficiently and accurately assess the physical/chemical properties and environmental fate of chemicals. It also identifies critical gaps in the available information to facilitate planning of research needs.
  • PHYSPROP Database
    The PHYSPROP database contains chemical structures, names and physical properties for over 41,000 chemicals. Physical properties collected from a wide variety of sources include experimental, extrapolated and estimated values. It is bundled with EPA's EPI Suite.
  • Database of SMILES Notations
    SRC’s SMILES database contains approximately 103,000 structures of chemicals used in commerce. The database is bundled with EPA's EPI Suite.
  • TSCATS Database
    TSCATS is a central system for the collection, maintenance and dissemination of information on unpublished technical reports submitted by industry to EPA under the TSCA. Over 100,000 studies on more than 8,500 chemicals are categorized into three broad subject areas (health effects, environmental effects and environmental fate).
  • TSCA 8(e)/FYI Initial Screen Database
    SRC assisted EPA in developing the TSCA 8(e)/FYI Initial Screen Database to store screening information derived from 8(e) and FYI submissions.
  • TRI-CHIPs Database
    The TRI-CHIPs database contains toxicity information from multiple data sources on chemicals included in the TRI list. SRC was involved in the development of software to use information in TRI and TRI-CHIPs and other sources to perform novel hazard analyses.
  • Response Status Database
    The Response Status Database was designed to help EPA track activities under the High Production Volume Challenge Program. The database presents information on physical/chemical, environmental fate, health and ecotoxicity endpoints.
  • Endocrine Disruptor Priority Setting Database
    SRC developed this database for the Endocrine Disruptor Screening and Testing Advisory Committee Program at the EPA.
  • Commercial Explosives Database
    This database was developed to support the EPA and U.S. CBP task force by providing CBP with chemical information to aid in the rapid identification of explosives at ports of entry.
  • NSCaT Database
    SRC contributed to the development of the NSCaT database, a tool designed to assist in assessing the toxicity of nanoscale substances.

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