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Silent Archer® Counter-UAS Technology

SRC's Silent Archer counter-UAS technology detects, tracks, classifies, identifies and disrupts low, slow and small unmanned airborne threats, commonly referred to as drones.

SRC's Silent Archer counter-unmanned aircraft system (UAS) technology is comprised of proven, TRL 8/9 radar and electronic warfare (EW) systems, camera and a 3-D user display to defeat hostile drones, whether a lone target or a UAS swarm. Combined, these systems provide spatial, frequency and optical surveillance capabilities to detect, track, classify and identify the airborne threat. Once the UAS threat is identified, various low-cost, low-risk electronic methods are utilized to disrupt the UAS, such as jamming the communications links between the operator and the aircraft.

The Silent Archer technologies work together to provide a complete, end-to-end counter-UAS solution for applications such as:

  • Force protection in contested environments
  • Critical infrastructure protection
  • Security for VIPs and high profile events
  • Urban environment surveillance

Proven technology

SRC has successfully demonstrated the ability for Silent Archer anti-drone technology to detect, track, identify and defeat UAS at U.S. government-sponsored counter-UAS test events like JIAMDO’s Black Dart, the Army Warfighting Assessment (AWA), Network Integration Evaluation (NIE), and Maneuvers and Fires Integrated Exercise (MFIX).

  • Detects, tracks, classifies, identifies and engages hostile UAS threats
  • Electronically disrupts individual UAS or swarms
  • Complements kinetic weapon systems for layered defense
  • Can be deployed in fixed-site, expeditionary or fly-away configurations
  • Is the solution of choice for VIP protection and high profile events such as the G8 and G20 Summits as well as the 2012 Summer Olympics

Silent Archer configurations

Silent Archer options and accessories

An open architecture and sensor-agnostic design of Silent Archer technologies support a variety of optional systems and functionality, such as:

  • Whisper Hunter™ direction finding unit
    Provides line-of-bearing information to the UAS and their operators
  • Wireless networking
    For communicating between systems and command and control (C2) centers

Silent Archer Counter-UAS System

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Silent Archer


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