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Gryphon Skylight® Drone Security

SRC's Gryphon Skylight® drone security solution can detect and identify UAS, commercial aircraft and even birds to give you a clear picture of your secure airspace.

SRC's Gryphon Skylight drone security solution can cue both a camera and integrated mitigation systems to identify and defeat approaching threats.

In large corporations and organizations, IP protection is the key to survival and further product development to stay ahead in the market. Competition and media are an ever-increasing threat, and small UAS are the latest mechanism by which to acquire trade secrets. The Gryphon Skylight system provides a Drone Security System to detect, identify and classify all cooperatives and non-cooperatives in the airspace so a security team can take the appropriate actions when needed.

The rapidly expanding drone market presents a growing threat for airport security. Small, slow, low-flying drones slip through current security measures. Reports of drones flying too close to airports and aircrafts are soaring and will continue to rise.  Airport security needs a reliable system that accurately detects drones from a distance to provide maximum time to safely mitigate the potential threat. The Gryphon Skylight system fuses multiple technologies including primary radar, camera and spectrum sensing to give the most comprehensive, clear picture of the airspace.

Recent advances in unmanned aircraft systems have presented a new and evolving threat to prisons. From small devices of less than a pound that can provide unauthorized imagery and surveillance to larger systems that can carry 20 or more pounds of contraband, these devices represent a new and unprecedented challenge for prison security and personnel. The Gryphon Skylight system can assist in the prison security team’s mission of countering, mitigating and/or interdicting the impact of possible nefarious intent of UAS by detecting, tracking and classifying small UAS.

Stadiums and open-air venues are increasingly at risk for drone incursions. These venues could fall victim to nefarious intent or simple loss of control of drones within the confines, threatening the safety and security of the fans and athletes. The Gryphon Skylight system provides a solution for monitoring the airspace around a stadium for intruding UAS, detecting and tracking the UAS and providing classification and identification information via EO/IR camera.  The system can also help locate drone pilots to assist in the law enforcement process.

Gryphon Skylight Drone Security System

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Gryphon Mobile Skylight Drone Security System

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