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Invoice Instructions for Suppliers

To expedite prompt payment, please ensure your invoice is prepared properly.  A proper invoice will:
  1. Identify the applicable purchase order or subcontract number;
  2. Identify the invoice date (the date of mailing or transmission);
  3. Reference the correct company (e.g. SRC or SRCTec) identified on the purchase order;
  4. Itemize and fully describe each line item, as follows:
    1. Identify the services and/or materials provided (by part number if applicable);
    2. Identify the quantity and unit of measure;
    3. Identify the unit price or hourly labor rate, and;
    4. Identify the date and/or period of performance;

    For labor line items, the supplier must record the hours worked on each task or project daily. Line item descriptions should detail work products, project numbers, persons visited/consulted, and subjects discussed, as appropriate;

  5. Itemize and describe all applicable federal, state and local taxes, duties, tariffs, etc.;
  6. Itemize and describe any reimbursable shipping costs;
  7. Itemize and describe any reimbursable travel expenses. If an invoice includes a request for reimbursement of travel expenses, the supplier shall attach detailed travel expense information and related receipts for each travel expense, including from and to location, dates of travel, meals, lodging, incidental expenses, car rental, air fare, and local mileage;
  8. When the period of performance exceeds one invoice period, separately identify the current hours and dollars invoiced and the cumulative hours and dollars invoiced under the applicable purchase order or subcontract;
  9. Attach any other supporting documentation required for invoice justification.

Important Note: SRC’s standard terms and conditions require “proper invoice” prior to payment.  Invoices which do not meet these requirements and cannot be processed will be considered “improper” and will not be paid; instead, the supplier will be notified of the invoice defect and necessary corrections. Any invoice that exceeds an identified not-to-exceed amount or contains unallowable line items will be considered improper per se.