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SIGINT Tool Development & EW Modernization

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Signals Intelligence and Electronic Warfare Tools

SRC's signals intelligence (SIGINT) and electronic warfare (EW) tools provide fast, accurate and timely data, so that end-users receive actionable intelligence when it's needed. Our tools have been designed by an experienced team of software developers and EW engineers and analysts to automate processes so that analysts can focus on what's really important — the threat. This blend of software engineers and subject matter experts provides a unique advantage by combining technical know-how with true insight into the problem set, resulting in more efficient solutions.

SRC's SIGINT and EW software tools can be used individually to help with specific segments of the intelligence production and reprogramming cycle, or they can be used collectively to assist with the entire process. This plug-and-play functionality also makes our software flexible and expandable to address emerging needs. When used as a suite, users experience a common user interface, integrated services and a seamless data exchange between individual tools. The result provides an efficient, intuitive and holistic approach to supporting EW analysts and engineers. Our software tools provide support for data collection (characterization, correlation, and visualization of data), analyst production (editors and quality assurance), simulation and test (constructing scenarios and visualizing playback), as well as reporting.

Specifically, SRC has developed a large suite of tools built upon government/community APIs to interface with the EWIRDB. Examples include:


SRC has also developed a suite of tools that work with common SIGINT data formats, EWIRDB, and other international intelligence databases. This suite includes tools such as:


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