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Counterfire/Weapon Location Radars

Omni-Directional Weapon-Locating Radar

SRC Prototype Technology

The omni-directional weapon-locating (owl) radar provides surveillance over a hemispherical coverage volume (-20 degrees to 90 degrees elevation, 360 degrees azimuth) through a non-rotating, electronically steered antenna.

The OWL's enhanced Doppler processing capability and novel non-rotating antenna architecture make it possible to detect and track small, low, slow-moving air targets while also meeting counterfire mission requirements.

  • Army's latest radar technology development
  • Multi-mission capable system offering full hemispherical surveillance
  • Unprecedented performance in complex, asymmetrical threat environments

OWL Radar

Product Overview Sheet

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OWL Radar Configuration Options

The OWL radar can be configured with a variety of optional subsystems

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