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Multi-Mission Radars

Multi-Mission Radar (MMR)

SRC Prototype Technology

The Multi-Mission Radar (MMR) is a highly mobile, stand-alone radar that provides the soldier with multi-mission target acquisition in a single system.

It addresses air defense surveillance, air traffic control, counter-battery and fire control requirements. The MMR can cover 360 degrees in azimuth, and has a full electronically scanned array antenna that scans in both azimuth and elevation. The MMR provides the warfighter with superior performance for each mission, while also curtailing the need to transport, set up and maintain multiple sensor platforms. This translates to cost savings in spare parts, training and product upgrades.

  • High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle (HMMWV) mobility with small crew size
  • Single-platform solution for a variety of missions
  • Strategically designed to fill critical gaps in air surveillance and fire control

    Multi-Mission Radar (MMR)

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