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Multi-Mission Radars

AESA50 Multi-Mission Radar

SRC Prototype Technology

The AESA50 multi-mission radar is the next-generation of the proven AN/TPQ-50 radar, a U.S. Army Program of Record.

It takes the innovative design features of the AN/TPQ-50 that make it so compact, rugged and flexible, and infuses active electronically scanned array technology that delivers fully steerable radar beams. The result is a better performing radar that simultaneously performs air surveillance and counterfire target acquisition (CTA) missions while on-the-move On-the-Move Logo Icon.

  • Reduces costs by performing the tasks of two or more radars through just one multi-mission system
  • Available as an upgrade kit for existing AN/TPQ-50 owners
  • Easily integrates with existing hardware and infrastructure through customizable interfaces and installation options
  • Requires minimal maintenance with built-in test (BIT), hotswap components and no moving parts

AESA50 Multi-Mission Radar

Product Overview Sheet

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AESA50 Configuration Options

The AESA50 radars can be configured with a variety of optional subsystems

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